About Castonguay Électronique

From the very affordable products of our long-time Canadian partner Radial Engineering, to the very high-end devices from Tenor Audio, Kronos, Heaven 11, Castonguay Électronique is involved in the design and realization of uncompromising electronic circuits. Thanks to more than 25 years of practice, the field of possibilities for Castonguay Électronique has expanded far beyond what other companies in the same field can do.

Alain Castonguay
Alain Castonguay, President of Castonguay Électronique and his professional team are committed to making every effort to meet your electronic circuit manufacturing needs, always with the highest quality and thoroughness: Requirements that have established the loyalty of today's partners and will keep those of tomorrow.

From circuits for GPS devices to inspection systems used in aeronautics, or those that control the energy management of buildings through medical devices, many companies that demand rigor and reliability, already trust Castonguay Électronique.

Castonguay Électronique is open to new partners, new challenges, and especially to new achievements, whether small, medium or large.

Why choose Castonguay Électronique?

Professional integrity is the foundation of Castonguay Électronique's commitment. We are committed to working together with the customer to provide exceptional work and service, always at a very competitive price. 

In addition, Castonguay Électronique guarantees that the finished product will always be to the customer's complete satisfaction.

Our Values

Castonguay Électronique has an environmental policy that commits us to making every effort to manufacture quality electronic products in a responsible manner. We are constantly seeking to improve in order to achieve a balance between performance, sustainability, people and the planet. Our values (teamwork, quality, innovation and creativity, integrity, environment and health and safety) guide us in our actions. 

In addition, in the desire to help as we were supported in the beginning of the business, Castonguay Électronique participates in fundraising events through The Lighthouse which supports children in need of palliative care.